Sleek Socket with Dual Side-by-Side Power Strips

  • IDEAL FOR BEHIND A COUCH & BED, to position to power strips to opposite end tables or nightstands. Powers devices up to 16 feet apart from a single wall outlet
  • ELIMINATE UGLY, UNSAFE & BULKY PLUGS & CORDS - Less is MORE. Less clutter, less hazards and less obstacles. This ultra-thin, wall-hugging device blends with the wall – you’ll forget it’s there!
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED! - Simply attach to the top receptacle of a duplex outlet like a traditional plug
  • INCLUDES ADHESIVE CORD CONCEALER KITS consisting of double sided, removable adhesive strips and adhesive cord clips to neatly secure the cord to the wall
  • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE with all duplex outlet sizes

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