SureCan 5 Gallon Type-II Safety Gasoline Container

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  • Helps fill all equipment, no awkward bending, tipping, or holding required.
  • DIMENSIONS: (D x W x H): 13.1 x 10.24 x 15.61 inches
  • FLEXIBLE ROTATING SPOUT: The spout is located on the bottom of the can making refueling painless.
  • SMOOTH & CONTROLLED FLOW: Self-venting for smooth fuel flow and spill-free design.
  • THUMB TRIGGER: Trigger releases fuel on command, making sure you're always in complete control.
  • DURABLE: The six-layer construction provides long-term dependability and adds rigidity to the can.
  • SAFE: The safety cap, conductive spout, flame arrestor, and FMD offers protection to the user.
  • WARRANTY: All SureCan products come with a 3-year warranty
  • CERTIFICATIONS: FM Approved. Meets OSHA, CARB, NFPA, and MSHA Type-II Safety Can Guidelines.

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